Marketing and Sales Strategy

When you decide to sell your home, the most important decision you make is to hire the right agent to represent you.  Understanding exactly what you can expect from your agent when it comes to marketing and selling your home is essential.

When working with you to sell your house, I believe communication is key.  Keeping an ongoing and open dialogue with one another is paramount to a successful real estate transaction.  I work closely with you during the marketing and selling process to ensure you are as engaged as you want to be and understand exactly what to expect and where we are in the process at all times.

My marketing and sales strategy is built on the old tried and true methods of marketing and sales, while using modern technology such as the Internet and email for marketing and sales follow up.  My marketing and sales strategy can be summarized below:

Marketing Strategy – the Essential 4P’s

Price – Determining the proper price to attract the best offer is essential.  Of course you want the maximum amount possible for your house, but pricing your house too high could discourage offers.  Alternatively, pricing your house too low, is not to your advantage.  Arriving at the right price based on comparables in the area, age, size, and condition of the house, is how I work with you to arrive at a selling price.

Presentation – The presentation of your home when for sale should never be underestimated.  I work with you to ensure that your house looks it’s most attractive.  I will develop a list of what should be done from eliminating clutter and adding a fresh coat of paint, to adding some pieces of furniture that might better show the potential of the home.  I have even fully staged some homes for clients.

Position – This is your home compared to the others in the neighborhood – the “comparables”.  What other properties are for sale in your neighborhood and at what price and condition?  This is how your house stacks up against the competition and how buyers will perceive the value of your house.  I continually evaluate comparables that have sold or are actively on the market to ensure your home’s perceived value is very good.

Publicity – Once we’ve established a price and the house is ready to show, broad exposure is how I let the market know your house is for sale.  I’ll first schedule a photo shoot to take pictures of the home and use it in marketing materials including direct mail, advertisements and virtual tours.  We’ll list the house for sale in local print and online media including,, and  I’ll host a brokers’ luncheon at your home to let buyers’ agents view it first and to gather feedback from other real estate professionals.

Sales Strategy – Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

During open houses or appointments, I am armed with knowledge about the house, renovation potential, neighborhood, schools, etc.  I believe it is important to really educate prospects about a property they are considering buying.

Once visitors view the home, I am extremely diligent in follow up.  Primarily using email, I contact everyone that has been to the home to gather feedback.  I consolidate this feedback and discuss it with you on a continual basis to ensure that our marketing and sales strategy is on track.

My record speaks for itself as I am in the top 1% of home sales nationwide.  The homes I sell have an average of xx days on market and the sale price is within x% of the listing price.