Selling Tips – Before, During and After

Below are tips to help you in being prepared for the sale of your home.  These are just suggestions.  You may find some of these to be obvious although some may not.

When I work with you, I will make myself available for everything from packing up any necessary items to staging your home and arranging and meeting with handymen.  When you entrust me to sell your home, I offer nothing less than A Personal Touch.


  • Pack and purge any unnecessary items.
  • Check your termite contract.  Have one in place to avoid any surprises once your house is under contract.
  • Store jewelry or any valuables.
  • “De-clutter” by packing away any knick-knacks.  Pack away ½ your books on the bookshelves.  Consider donating books no longer useful to local libraries.  Preschools can always use books and toys that the kids don’t use any more.
  • Pack away family photos.  Buyers love to look at them and not your house.
  • Store unessential furniture.  Is there a chair in a room that you never sit in?  Exercise equipment that is not in a designated fitness area?  These should be stored.
  • Fix dripping faucets or running toilets.
  • Clean out your closets and pack away seasonal coats/clothes not in use.
  • Clean out and organize your linen closet.
  • Have your carpets cleaned or the really dirty one replaced.
  • Have your gutters cleaned.  Are the downspouts draining away from your foundation?
  • Is your basement damp?  Purchase a dehumidifier and keep it running.
  • Get your yard in shape—mulch your beds, plant flowers, trim bushes.  Well maintained yards help with a positive first impression.  Remember, pictures go on the internet and prospects will see your home from the exterior and interior.
  • Make sure each and every light has a working light bulb.  Keep new bulbs handy in case the old ones burn out.
  • Have 2 sets of keys made to all doors that are locked.  Buyers should be able to access all areas of the home.
  • Have your windows professionally washed—THEY WILL SPARKLE!
  • Have your furnace and/or AC serviced and know the age of these.    It is helpful to write when they were purchased on the actual appliance as that is a question buyers will ask.
  • It is assumed that anything screwed into the walls will convey with the sale.  Make a list of anything you do not want to convey so we can properly disclose them on the listing.


  • Keep the kitchen clean and organized — no dishes in the sink, put away any appliances you can do without (e.g., toaster, blender).  Remove all magnets and pictures from the refrigerator door and keep the counters spotless.  Garbage should be taken out daily.
  • Hang up towels in the bathroom and keep them immaculate.
  • Put away clean laundry and pick up the dirty in the laundry room.
  • Make your beds daily and vacuum frequently.
  • Weather permitting, keep a window or two open to let in some fresh air.
  • Mow the lawn as needed.  If it snows, shovel your path.
  • Don’t let the newspapers build up.  Recycle them.
  • Water house plants so they look alive and healthy.
  • Keep the house cool in the warm months.
  • Leave on a few lights if you go out.  Buyers come at strange times and having lights on is welcoming.  Keep the front lights on at night as some buyers will drive by in the evening.
  • Be patient.  Your house may sell immediately or it may take some time.  Keep a positive attitude.
  • Some agents and buyers will come when you are home.  You should make your best effort to leave the house when they do.  Buyers and agents like to speak freely and may not feel that they can do so if you are home.
  • Consider joining me to view the competition in your area.  You can gain insight on how your home stacks up to others and you may even get some ideas for showing your current home or decorating your next home!


  • Call the utility companies and coordinate your services.  Visit my web site,, for utility, phone and cable company service numbers or web sites
  • Hire a moving company.
  • Be prepared to let the buyers in once again to measure and get estimates.
  • Hire a cleaning company to clean your house after you move out.
  • Celebrate!